The School Bully Is Confronted By An Angry Principal. The Way He Does It? We Need More Of This!


July 3, 2015 Videos

Bullying is a vice that kids experience on a daily basis and the way we respond to what they go through has an impact. The principal of Murdock Middle/High School which is located in Winchendon, MA known as Joshua Romano came up with that philosophy. He is one of the living Iraq War veterans.

When Romano learnt that some students were mocking the athletic ability, sexual orientation and looks of their classmates, he decided to do something. He learnt that through his Twitter account.

So as to combat the unacceptable vice, he wrote the whole student body a mail showing his anger.

In his mail, the warmed the pathetic cowards participating in the act that he was not happy and was going for them. He even said he had more respect for the insurgents who he had fought while in Iraq since they had the courage of facing their targets as opposed to those hiding behind their Twitter Accounts.


Though some may disagree with the principal’s reaction, some have applauded his way of dealing with cyberbullying.

He even admits that he was a bit harsh while expressing his point of view, but he says he had to do it. He needed to deal with the vulgar and crude anonymous tweets.

He needed to know those behind the crime and reprimand them accordingly.

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