Say This To Your Great Grandma, And She’ll Go To Prom With You!


May 15, 2015 Videos

During our fine days in high school, whoever you attended prom with depicted your status, so that everyone scrambled for that cutie or handsome to at least be seen with them there!

But the kids of this day don’t see prom as much of a contest. Just recently, a school in Texas crowned a young lady with Down syndrome as their prom queen. Unbelievable!

Another guy even took his 40+ mom to the event so she could get a chance to attend one!

Now, consider all that just boring, because there’s this one story that was covered by Indiana’s Wave3 News, and it’s not just a story!


His great-grand-mother wanted to know if he was attending, but apparently, Drew Holm doesn’t really care much about proms. He even added that he didn’t have someone to go with! But that was months before the event, and something incredible was going to happen on the D-day!

What happened next took my breath away. Drew Holm took his 93-year-old Great grandma to prom!

You’re going to love this. Such and such generations bonding!

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