She Said Ellen Looked Like Alfalfa, And Then Ellen Called Her… I’m Off The Seat!


April 7, 2016 Videos

Sometimes old people are just too lovely and hilarious at the same time. You’ll find that most of them are actually very honest with their views and opinions on different matters, and I guess that’s why we say old is gold. Yes, the old are wise, and smart too. But what this lady did is way over all that. It’s just too great!

So there’s this show, Ellen’s show, and the host, Ellen, happens to keep a plant near her. It’s right behind her chair. Well, turns out, this plant has been bothering one 88 year old lady who had something honest to say about it. According to Gladys, that damn plant always made Ellen look like Alfalfa, and she didn’t like it. What happened after that is too interesting!


Ellen decided to call Gladys so they could talk about this pressing mater that’s been troubling Gladys. In fact, they did it all on air, and their exchange was nothing short of an overly hilarious moment. You must love this!

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