Rude Husband Humbled By Wife’s Reaction, It Shocks Doctors After Delivery

Heartless is a word that would not be enough to describe this husband in this clip. Or am I being too harsh or too lenient? I’ll let you be the judge here.

It was a desperate situation after a doctor walked out of the hospital only to find a lady in labor in a truck. The doctor realized there was no time to move inside the hospital. He had to act fast.


After the necessary preps inside the truck it was now, but then he had to ask the new mother to stop pushing. This is because the umbilical cord was threatening to strangle the new born. After delicately undoing it all went on well after until the husband was asked if he could cut the umbilical cord.

He was visibly angry and wanted to know why his wife couldn’t hold it any longer instead of messing their truck! This was both uncalled for and also insensitive to the emotional mother. The response he got was not only unexpected, but also hilarious. The doctors found themselves shocked by this turn of events.

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