This Is The Right Definition of Bitter Sweet Love. So Intriguing!


July 18, 2015 Videos

Ever had one of those sweet painful memories?Aheartfelt true story that would make you tear-uplike never before? Not until you see this video.

In this video, this 20-year-old girl is going through a hard time of not being sure of her wedding until she gets a very moving motivational talk from her grandmother. She narrates that when she was only 18, she got married to her first lover, Freddie,only to be forced apart by Nazis by taking him JewishConcentration Camps.  They were only a week into their marriage when Nazis took him and ever since, they never came to see each other again. Freddie gave her a half of a broken fork piece while he kept the handle as a sign of good luck.She has been keeping it ever since even when she got married to the bride’s grandfather at age 25.She then passed the part of the fork to the bride.


During the family photo shoot, everything changes after the girl reveals that her grandmother gave her the part of the knife as memoir of something. Interestingly enough, the groom had the same story and that his grandfather passed him a fork handle. At a distance, on his late age, Freddie appears, and an emotional reunion of many years of years apart came to pass.

What a story!

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