There Was No Reason For Being Hopeful, But This Dad Never Gave Up… So Touching!


April 15, 2015 Videos

Accidents are normally unexpected, and this is one of them!

It was after Pete Benda, who was in an auditorium fell off a height of 30 feet that she developed a distressing brain injury. According to doctors, 90% of those that suffer a similar injury stay in a vegetative state on a permanent basis. He could not speak, the eyes were open and was in a coma.

Thanks you Project Listen and Ken Garff, we have the 14-year-old’s story.

The boy spent 3 weeks in the intensive care unit and that was enough to make the medical professionals to prepare the parents for the worse. Pete’s mom was slowly losing hope on her son which was the complete opposite of his father. The father was always positive and ordered those who could cry at his son’s bedside to leave the room.


The unexpected happened on January 6, 2013. Pete was able to speak! After a month, he was able to leave the hospital with his own legs. The kind of therapy, he underwent included: massage therapy, acupuncture, music therapy, speech therapy and physical therapy.

Through the support of the medical team, friends and family, he participated in a 5K run on the Brain Injury Alliance. This reminds me of Martin Pistorius’ story which was another true miracle!

His journey to recovery was enough to teach his family the importance of being hopeful even when the reason of being hopeful never exists.

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