Radio Dj Decides To Offer Help To This Store Woman By Doing This… What A Surprise!


August 18, 2015 Videos

Sharon, a diligent mother of 4 kids runs Mrs C’s Cupcakes in Penrith, UK. The previous year, shewas hit by bad luck. Her younger brother passed way, her little son developed a degenerating disease, and she also was also became a victim of ovarian cancer. These numerous medical bills are making her drop back in her cupcake business, while spending much time with her children is becoming a hardship too.

A radio DJ at station KIIS 1065 called Jackie O, latelymade up her mind to give Sharon some assistance by surprising her. She faked that she was a customer at Sharon’s store who had gone there to protest on some order of cupcakes that was stale. The whole episode was filmed by a camera that was hidden. Although the protest was made, Sharon’s responses were full of positive attitude and expertise. Later she said that all she wants is for her customers to be happy.


Jackie put a full box of cupcakes on her counter and told Sharon to taste for herself. Little does Sharon know that the box doesn’t contain even a single cupcake but a surprise for her!

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