She Is Pulled To The Dancing Floor. What They Did? I’m Left Speechless!


July 26, 2015 Videos

Northeastern Brazil is a home of many music and dance styles. Forró is one of the styles that originate from those parts of the world. Though you might not be familiar with it, once you watch this incredible performance, you may develop the interest of watching more.

To be an expert in forró music and dancing, mastering the samba and salsa-like moves are necessary. Whenever this kind of performance is staged, most Brazilians get attracted and take the stage.


The clip that follows originated from one workshop that featured theForró Festival. This genre is celebrated by music and dance lovers each and every year and the popularity of this event has increased.

Within the video, two amazingly talented dancers willingly take the stage to show us what the forró festival is all about. I was left speechless when I watched the incredible moves they display. Their class is evident when you hear the crowd cheer them on.

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