While Pregnant, She Was Diagnosed With Alzheimer’s, What Happened Next? So Worrying!


July 22, 2015 Videos

Rebecca Doig, a 31 year old was expecting her first born baby and she was very excited to become a mother when the video was filmed. She was among the youngest victims of Alzheimer’s after she was diagnosed with this ailment. She feared that she would forget her baby’s name when she puts to bed. Her family was looking forward to help her cope with this condition, Scott, her husband referred it to be the major tragedy in his lifetime.

This Alzheimer’sAssociation, defines the young onset system of illness to be exceedingly uncommon given that almost all individual fighting dementia get symptoms sometime later in life. However, five percent of the five million Americans who are victims of Alzheimer’s possess younger-onset signs in their 40s, 50s and30s. The first appearance of the illness is featured in rare genetic aspects, although it states that the causes are unknown yet.


Unfortunately, fifteen months down the line from the time Rebecca had given birth to her young girl, we learnt from the Goulburn post that she had died in 2011with herfamily surrounding her. One just can’t imagine the pain they went through with all the sacrifices and the support they had given her. We are certain that Rebecca’s spirit is still living in heryoung daughter,Emily. This brave family reminds us to be close to our beloved ones and enjoy our nice moments together because we do not know what tomorrow will bring forth.

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