This Pitbull Takes Care Of Another Animal – A Baby Kitten!


December 14, 2016 Videos

This is a really fun and cute animal video to watch, and you are going to like it when you see a pitbull interact with this tiny kitten. The kitten was rescued and is being taken care of by humans, and apparently this dog wants to get in on the action! Watch what he does when he sees the kitten, and how he treats the baby cat, and you are going to be thoroughly amused.


This is such a sweet and funny video, and you are going to love every second of it, as you watch the tiny and adorable kitten on the screen. The cat is so little and cannot be on their own yet, and it is a great thing to see the pitbull looking after them like that. So, go ahead and watch this right now, and you are going to be surprised by how well these two animals get along.

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