Photographer Films Wild Horses In A Mountain, What They Do? So Adorable!

God really knew it when he created wild animals. This is because they are just a beauty to watch them in their natural habitat. Of the wild animals that do attract my attention, wild horses top the list.

The following clip that was shot at the Pryor Mountains, closer to Billings, Montana/Wyoming border, by Sand Palen and Amber Bushnell. If you have a chance of visiting this place, be sure of seeing wild horses moving freely in their natural habitat.


Revealing, Sandy Palen said that the video makes him nostalgic since some of the filming were touching to him. But the truth of the matter is that the horse you see in the clip, some have already died and others were taken away in 2012. For her, she sees herself as a very lucky person t have had a chance of visiting the place a number of times and get to share with the horses.

Watch the clip below to see the wild horses move freely in the mountains and please SHARE the video to all the horse lovers on Facebook!

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