Her Performance Makes The Crowd Run Crazy. It Will Also Make You Do It. So Funny!


August 21, 2015 Videos

I must admit that it’s not easy to lip synch to a song. There is more than just moving the lips as the performer does. For one to convince the spectators, you need to have a good timing of taking the breath, while releasing all the best of you.

This woman in the video below seems to be an expert in lip synching, as you can note while she sings “She’s Got You,” which makes you put a smile on the face from her clowning skills!

The clip starts when she is on stage and the music starts to play. Quickly she leaps at her shirt in search of something. As the music proceeds, we come to realize that she is used to this performance, and that has been made possible by the long time she has taken preparing for this magical night.


Her former high school buddies can’t help laughing at her humorous routine. The video gets funnier when she rhythmically removes a prop from her shirt!

The most interesting part of the video is when she does the long white boa. What a spectacular version of this wonderful hit. Now I understand why the crowd got crazy towards the final of the performance! Let us know what you think about her performance.

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