Parents Get Surprise From Their Son And Grandson’s Presence. Watch This!


July 11, 2015 Videos

Upon posting the family video on YouTube, Dave never thought that it will touch the hearts of every viewer who looks at it. John, the big brother to Dave, has 10 years of living in Australia. Claire and John who are couples, lately had their first born child, Nail. They made a decision of going to Ireland, their home, a week earlier to give their parents a surprise. To their thinking, they believedthey were just viewing their grandchild’s photos – which is not the case.


The slideshow has plenty of wonderful photos of Nail while doing a number of things; taking shower, sleeping in his cot and laughing with his parents. The footage projects both Nail’s slideshow pictures and John’s parents, while they giggle and call along with the pictures. One certain thing is that nothing can be compared with real life observation. John’s parents never knew that his son John was right there in the house, in another room carryingtheir grandson. When they came to realize his presence, I never resisted crying. What a heart touching moment!

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