The Painful Experience Made Her Sell The Baby’s Crib. What The Buyer Did? Heartwarming!


May 3, 2015 Videos

The birth of a child always brings a lot of joy to the mother. So, you can understand Valerie Watts’ devastation when she delivered a stillborn boy.

Some moments later after the incident, the woman who comes from Cokato, MN set up a garage sale.She had come into terms with her loss and was prepared to sell the baby’s crib. Finally, she sold it to Gerald and his wife but little did she know it could eventually get back to her.


Gerald discovered what Valerie had gone through and decided to customize the crib into something incredible. As a professional carpenter, it was not challenging doing that. He ended up transforming the crib into a memorial bench.

When Gerald took the bench to Valerie a week later, she fell in love with it and accepted it.

This is a video which has received over 3 million views and you will know why that has happened once you watch it out. If you were touched by this clip the same way I was, SHARE it out with your Facebook friends!

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