While Onstage, He Made The Crowd Yell Of Excitement. How Come This Is Happening?


June 6, 2015 Videos

This is what happened at Blind Auditions 2, a Germany’s version of the Voice Kids. A boy known as Tilman went onstage to perform. Not even the judges could have predicted what was to happen next.

Tilman, aged 15 years was on stage to perform, Great Balls of Fire, by Jerry Lee Lewis who indeed was an idol in the American hits of all the times.


Who would ever tell that Tilman was a real Rock star! Maybe the same comment could have been put across when Jerry Lee Lewis started his career. But what Tilman does is amazing! He is a professional when it comes to playing the piano and also has powerful vocals, and as if that is not enough, the kind of confidence that he demonstrates when he is onstage beats them all. Without doubt, while onstage with all the qualities combined, he really gets the crowd triggered.

Two seconds into the performance below, my jaw literally dropped… and I’m I the only one?
And if that is not enough, he seems possess the talent of a superstar when the cameras turn off, a problem that many show contestants seem not to have a solution to. The most interesting part in the video, is towards the end when this judge, a woman of course, does a backbend during the concert, a way of showing her support to Tilman’s classic performance.

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