One Twin Is Hurt While Playing, What The Other One Did? So PRICELESS!


April 8, 2015 Videos

Those with siblings can confess how it feels like having a sister or brother who is always there for you no matter what. Kids and parents can also show each other a special form of love that makes the family’s support system strong. Love within siblings makes those involved face each and every situation with courage knowing someone will be there to offer the needed support should anything go wrong.

Levi and Aleksireveal better the kind of love I’m talking about. The two learned how to walk a few days ago and their instinctual care for each other is evident. Mom noticed that and decided to record it on camera.


Here, Aleksi falls down on the driveway while they’re playing outside. Levi shows the love we’re talking about by rushing in to help. He bends over and inspects his brother’s states before they can resume playing. Then, the most adorable thing happens!

Coming across children who are able to show love and empathy at such an age is so wonderful. This really melted my heart!

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