These Old Men Decided To Invade The Stage, The Result? So Stunning!

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May 5, 2015 Videos

It’s rare for a new video to go viral at such a high rate, but this one is doing it!

When these five dads got to the stage on the popular seasonal show “Britain’s Got Talent,” the judges didn’t really think much of it, until the dance kicked off! Soon, the skeptical judges were left gasping for breath when the Old Men Grooving brutally unleashed their stunning hip hop dance routine. People almost left their seats for the ground as they watched this epic street dance done by people from the old generation.

In the video, at first the judges don’t seem that much interested in the old men who have normal day employments in various economic sectors, but the first move into the audition gets their eyes popping!


It’s hard for most performers to get Simon interested, but these dads did. The Old Men Grooving made it to the next round of the competition, and we’re all eager to see if they can really move it all the way to the top.

When you watch this video, you learn that age isn’t a restriction when you decide to have a good time, and these guys are proving it in a stylish approach.

Watch the clip and enjoy the moment as you see the daddies shake it, and be sure to SHARE the video and its excitement!

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