It’s Okay To Pose, But I Jumped When She Moved Her Foot. Boneless?!


June 7, 2015 Videos

Before the beat started, I had this feeling that this kid was up to something, and I proved that at the :55 mark when I started debating with myself whether or not to declare her boneless.

Of course we all love to watch kids dancing themselves to joy, and more so when they seem to enjoy their deed. This cute kid is one of those that will have your love for youngsters doubling up. She’s so passionate about everything she does, and with that kind of attitude, we can all be prepared to watch her pull off some more stunts on “America’s got Talent” in the not-so-distant future!


This is the kind of performance you can describe as skillful and acrobatic. More noticeably, the hat-trick at the 1:17 mark will have both of your jaws going down. How many adults can do that?

Watch this great clip and tell us if you’ve ever seen anything close to it. I had a lot of fun watching this, and so will you!

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