Officers Line Up With A Good Surprise For The Residents, The One In The Middle Is Spot On!


July 10, 2016 Videos

Officers from various public safety departments within Rock County, Wisconsin came up with a plan to surprise residents of the town. They were going to do it by dancing everywhere and filling the whole town with a lot of smiles. “Uptown Funk” is the name of the popular hit they had selected to rock the town with.


For those who remember, the song remained in the number one spot for 14 consecutive weeks, on the Billboard Hot 100. Internationally, it is among the top-selling singles and has more than 4.8 million streams in a single week. The video has garnered more than 750 million views and over 10 million of its copies have been sold to date.

It is a highly loved song and the dancing below is just but an example. Please watch and enjoy the fun and don’t forget to SHARE with your Facebook friends!

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