Officer Meets A Homeless Man And Gives Him A Priceless Gift. 6 Months After? This Shacked Me!


March 25, 2016 Videos

There’s a deputy at the Greenville County Sherriff’s Office, and he’s a good man.  Deputy Matt Holman is as religious as he is kind, and so much that when he ran into this guy roaming the streets at night, he did what a good man would do.

Robert Morris was a homeless man when Matt stopped him in the middle of the night. Robert had lost several members of his nice family and it was really weighing him down. As if that wasn’t enough, his only tent had been lost in a terrible storm. The man was depressed, and not knowing where else to turn, he took to drugs. The drugs took a toll on him so deeply that he couldn’t even maintain a good connection with his children.


But Matt isn’t a cruel man. He listened to Robert’s story, then he took out to a nice place and they had a good meal and a lengthy talk. He also gave him his personal Bible. That’s six months later, Matt got a really surprising voicemail message. It’s really touching!

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