Nothing Is As Cute As Watching This Kid Give A Speech. I Miss The Words!


July 24, 2015 Videos

It is not surprising how well kids could copy adults. They are like cuter versions of a virtual photocopy machine— although, they can’t copy the entire thing perfectly. Kids at the age of two, three or four can both be cute and annoying at the same time, doing the things you do, from a simple belly scratch to a pick of the nose to even the slightest twinge of facial reactions. Children surely are amazing at points like these, but what’s more amazing than a well-spoken kid in a taekwondo uniform? A charming little girl in her taekwondo uniform perfectly holding on to her stance and reciting the entire student’s creed.

In this amazingly adorable video by Leeds Taekwondo of a three-year-old, named Sophie Wong, is reciting the student’s creed after her instructor. And what’s even more amazing is how articulate this kid is in every phrase she recounts. It’s not all that perfect, she does mumble when big words hit her ears, but, nonetheless, this adorable little kid made it through. She recited the entire creed doing the proper tone, stance and actions done by her teacher.


In a Huffington Post article, Sophie was inspired by her older brother to take on taekwondo. Her older brother, 6, began Taekwondo and thrilled the now youngest student of Leeds Taekwondo to have classes with him. Could you ever find any other kid as cute as this?

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