No One Was Ready To Help The Homeless Family. But Wait A Little Bit And See What Happens…

It has been found out that around 80% of the homeless youngsters use drugs in the name of self-medicating. My heart becomes heavy each and every time I come across these teens who are ruining their lives. To support the unacceptable habit, they beg for money to do something that will surely kill them someday.

I don’t say that you can manage to help everyone on the streets and it’s normally hard to look the other way and fail to give them some money. The video below was uploaded by “Model Pranksters” on YouTube and it will surely touch you. Coby Persin is a person who has taken to performing social experiments within the NYC streets where many tend to ignore whatever that’s happening around them.


The clip below features Coby, who resembles Zac Efron. He has dressed up as a homeless man and he’s holding a sign which reads “Homeless.” All he needs is money or alcohol, drugs and Weed. I wonder whether he needed to know whether people could be touched by his honesty and contribute. Then a new twist of events takes place when he’s joined by a little girl.

He now has a sign that shows that he is a single father who needs money to support his family. This time round, it takes quite some time before one contributes. Please watch the clip below and let us know your thoughts about it!

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