A Newborn Baby Thrown In A Plastic Bag. What A Heartless Thing!


July 23, 2015 Videos

We have always heard of tragic incidents where babies are thrown away but by good luck they end up being saved. The story is just similar to those cases.

In 2013 during the month of February, a new baby was found outside an apartment in Texas. This was very inhuman and to make it worse it was the winter season. If the savior of this kid would have stayed longer then this baby could freeze to death. She was just wrapped in a plastic bag with her umbilical cord still intact. I am just happy that something happened and this tiny angel was saved. I really thank God for this!


This baby was found by a dog walker who heard the baby’s cry. The baby weighed four pounds and twelve ounces. The medical officials claimed that the baby might have been delivered after thirty seven weeks. This child was named Chloe’s by the hospital staff in Texas. Currently she is under foster care waiting to be adopted.

The doctors say that is somehow distinct due to her one bottom tooth and the medical officials believe this can lead them to find the parent.

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