New Born Child Sold By Doctor, 50 Years Later This Happens… Am Already In Tears!


August 11, 2015 Videos

Thomas Jugarthy Hicks, a doctor from Georgia, used to lie to mothers that their new born babies had died before selling them to couples out of the state. This happened in the 1950s and 1960s, where he sold about 200 of them.

One had to use DNA in order to trace their roots, since they were given their foster parents’ names that appeared on the birth certificates.
One week after Kristie Hughes, now 51 was born, her mother was told that she had passed away due to a heart failure and was shown a death certificate to sign. She never knew that the unexpected was going to happen.
Through, Kristie was able to connect with her first cousin while working with ABC’s “Nightline.” She was enlightened by her cousin that there were only two aunts that had given birth at Hick’s clinic, whereby only one was alive. The alive aunt had a son who was suspected to be a brother to Kristie. Upon taking a DNA test, it confirmed the match.


Finally what Kristie was hoping came true. Her true mother, Thelma Tipton, now 75 years old was alive. She claimed that she still remembered Kristie, and that the doctor had snatched away her life. She went further saying that she missed seeing her growing up, her first tooth, her first day in pre-school, her marriage, in short everything.

Hicks was forced to surrender his medical license in 1964. At the age of 83, in 1972, he passed away and never had to respond to the charges of the babies he had sold.

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