This Neglected Horse Was Dying In A Field, Then She Came Along… Incredible!


December 25, 2016 Videos

A lot can be done with a little love.

If you look at Benny, you can’t resist your tears. He is a starving horse with ribs protruding, emancipated and who appears to be left with a few days to live. Somehow, his owner must have lost hope in him.


That was the case until the Last Stop Horse Rescue came into the mix. It is an organization that comes to the rescue of abandoned, starved and abused horses. So when they met Benny, it was definite that his life was going to change.

Within 6 months, Benny had transformed from a sickly skeletal horse to a gorgeous figure. It is something that even surprised those who were taking care of him. Though I was heartbroken at the start, the end of everything left me bursting with joy.

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