When Music Started Playing, An Elephant Moved Forward And Baffled All!


May 22, 2016 Videos

Some say that elephants have amazing memories and that they are quite beautiful and social when in the right mood. This video reveals that they also have some level of intelligence. This video proves the fact that they posses some intelligence that many of us are not aware of. They are not just big animals that eat a lot of green leaves and twigs and rest.

The man in the video was playing the piano when the following happened. The idea was to play in front of the elephants and see how they are going to respond to the music. It was amazing watching the animal join the man to play a duet.

Elephants have been domesticated like horse in some cultures. This was common in ancient civilization and Indian cultures. They used the elephant’s great power to haul huge logs of wood. Other ancient nations used elephants as war animals. Their big size made it easy for them to carry several men on its back, inside structures that looked like baskets.


Other animals like snakes and bees have been known to respond to soft music. It seems that sound waves have a way to touch the heart of several animal species.

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