This Movie Trailer Of Robin Williams Makes Me Shed Tears… Watch This!


June 21, 2015 Videos

Let him rest in glory. Robin Williams died before all of his efforts could hit the flicks. The video below made me cry and reach for the tissues inside the desk. Although I am not the kind of person who let loose the tears easily!I promise to watch any movie at the theaters.

In Boulevard, a movie where Robin Williams interprets Nolan, a bank manager whose life is collapsing beneath his feet. Actually he is in his midlife crisis, when he encounters with a person who enlightens him on what he wasn’t doing in his entire life. I absolutely agree with Prairie Miller of WBAI Radio, when he said that his performance was exceptionally sympathetic, honest and daring.


In the following last movie previewof Williams’ that lasts 1:40 second, we appreciate his brilliant presentation. He just does what he has best done in all his-too-short life, assuring us a good laughter and some of tear shedding.

It is very hard to imagine that the person who was a source of inspiration and laughter to many, is no longer alive. The only comfort is that, although losing a clever actor like Williams is like losing a revolution, he will always be remembered forever for his brilliant works.

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