He Moves A Corpse Into The Chambers. Watch What He Does Next…OMG!


January 27, 2017 Videos

Death is a scary topic. We speak about it in hushed tones.

What happens after one dies? Do we bury or cremate them? Different people have different burial traditions.

The video will fascinate and shock you. It shows the cremation process in details. Relax! It does not contain any graphic images.


Cremation is the alternative to burying a body in a casket. In cremation, the dead body is reduced to chemical compounds using high-temperature burning, oxidation, and vaporization. However, the appearance of dry bones is retained.

How do you identify the body after the procedure? There are metal tags that are attached to the body. Surprisingly, the heat does not destroy the tags. The family gets the tag after cremation.

How do you feel about cremation? Would you consider doing it? Or would you rather stick to the traditional burial ceremony? Let us know.

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