A Month Later, She Weeps In The Officer’s Arms. The Reason… I’m Emotionally Carried Too!


September 22, 2015 Videos

While Cristy Lucero was behind the wheel, the unexpected happened when all of a sudden her daughter developed difficulties in breathing and turned blue.

She was of 7 years old and was constantly taking her pills to relieve pains caused by fracture in her arm.

Cristy quickly put her kid into the car and sped to the hospital where she met with Jared Stock, an officer from Farmington Police Department in New Mexico. It seems that he was there just in time, because he later became a hero.

He quickly noticed that something was not right with the little girl. He immediately did a Heimlich maneuver technique on her.


While performing first aid on her, the camera in his vehicle’s dashboard recorded it all. Even though he doesn’t appear on the camera recording, he is heard pleading with the little girl.

Towards the end of the clip, the officer is seen together with Lucero and her daughter a month after he performed the Heimlich maneuver technique on her. We clearly see how Lucero weeps in the officer’s arms because of emotions.

She revealed to the KRQE News 13 that the officer was a hero to them because he saved her daughter’s life.

Watch the rescue clip below to learn how the Heimlich maneuver is done! Please SHARE this video to all your family and friends!

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