Mom Was Talking To Her 7 Weeks Old Baby, See What The Baby Says… UNBELIEVABLE!


March 13, 2015 Videos

Being a new parent is a great joy and every proud parent likes keeping track of the baby’s development from the time they start to smile, dance and crawl. The proudest moment is when the child started talking and the parents within this video never expected that to happen so fast!

This is the first time Cillian who is 7 weeks of age is uttering the first word. Mom saw it nice to record this adorable moment, which she went on and shared with us. In most cases, babies have never mastered their very first word until they are about a year old. As a couple Paul McCann and Toni were shocked when their baby was able to respond while talking to him.


Mom says “Hello” to the baby who in return mutters some gibberish baby talk. Then they are surprised at the end when Cillian ends up speaking. You can witness the kind of surprise that strikes the mom at the end of this video.

From the time mom decided to post this video on Facebook, it has garnered a lot of views from friends and family. Some have even said she has the potential of becoming a genius.
Watch this video to discover what baby Cillian said to mom!

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