What This Mom Dolphin Does Amazed Me. What A Love!


April 26, 2015 Videos

When it comes to the sea animals, dolphins are the most beautiful creatures on earth. These animals are charming, intelligent and are the most gracious animals around.

The clip below is about the dolphin’s life from the time it is born to the time it dies. The video shows how they take care of their young ones and how they train them to swim. Many people around the world have watched the clip and are all shocked by the dolphin’s life.

They have a funny way of giving birth, the female releases their tails to hold the newborn and protect it from drowning. Just like the human parents, they have parental bonds with their babies. The dolphin mom provides nourishment and care to the baby until the baby is 18 months old. Once the baby dolphin attains maturity and develops all survival skills, the mother will let it survive on its own. This takes around six years.


The long period strengthens the mother/baby bond. The bond is forever. Dolphin moms will always swim alongside their babies. This shows how incredible they are.

Did the clip leave you speechless? Were you amazed by the dolphin’s lifestyle?

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