Mom, Can You Hear My ‘I Love You?’… This Will Blow You Away Multiple Times. I Had To Tear Up!

If you ask any mother, they’ll tell you that the most joyful moment of their life happened when they heard their kid’s voice for the very first time. Now, imagine living for 8 whole years without ever hearing your cute kid say ‘I love You.’

That’s what one lady, Dawn, from Texas, went through, and you’ll agree that’s the worst nightmare a mother can experience. Dawn lost her hearing abilities just as she turned 30, and hearing aids couldn’t work for her.


But things got smoother one day when The Doctors, a talk show, approached her, and offered to change her dear life forever. They took her to a doctor who had the expertise to rectify her problem. And then the moment came.

Dawn was now ready to hear her good son’s voice,butshe feared the unknown even more than the reality. To do it right, Asher, the kid, went behind her and made the first vocal contact with his mom, and the next moment was all tearful and joyful and everything related to happiness. Incredible!

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