What This Mom Does When Her Baby Is Asleep, Will Shock You. So Breathtaking!


April 16, 2015 Videos

Most moms love it when their young one is taking a nap. When a kid is napping, the mother may the chance and grab a nap, do some laundry or other important things within the house.

While that defines what other moms do, the mom you’re meeting over here decided to do something cool!

Apart from being a mother, Adele Enersen doubles up as a creative and talented blogger. Here, she came up with brilliant dreamscapes for her daughter which she put into reality within some incredible photos. This mom is a self-proclaimed storyteller who has the passion for creating and writing ideas after she got the inspiration sometimes back when she was doing her laundry. Mila, her daughter of two weeks was asleep when she envisioned what the toddler was dreaming about. That’s when these photos were born.


This talented and creative mom is a blogger, author, and illustrator who lives in Helsinki, Finland. A self-described storyteller who loves writing and creating ideas, she found inspiration one day while doing laundry. When her daughter Mila was only two weeks old, she says she had a vision for what Mila might have been dreaming about. And thus, these magical photos were born.

She originally shared them on the blog she called milasdaydreams, but she has now used them to come up with two wonderful books. Be sure to watch the clip below to learn more about this mom’s way of doing things.

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