Her Mom Abandoned Her At A Fire Station When She Was A Few Day Old. Then She Has This For Her…


June 18, 2015 Videos

Several years back, one mom took her little daughter to a fire station and abandoned her there. To be precise, that took place 12 years ago. The two firefighters waited and waited for the mom without success.

Tom O’Neill was the name of the fire fighter who had been handed the baby girl. Though the abandonment was a sad one, it was legally right. The Safe Haven law within Colorado allows parents who have babies aged less than 3 years to take them to a hospital or a fire station and they can’t be questioned whenever they decide to do that. Though some may be against the law, there are those who fully support it. When the mother of Michelle Rooney was a baby, she had been abandoned in the garbage can.

Tom did not know what to do until a miracle took place. As a couple, John and Julie Burke had issues adopting and conceiving. So when a family friend called them informing them of the happening, it seemed like a blessing. They immediately made the decision of adopting the little baby.

The baby who was finally named Halle is 12 years of age and is fully aware who was behind her rescue. Now that she knows it all, there a special message she wants her biological mother to be aware of.


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"My tummy mummy made a really, really good choice."A girl who was left as a baby at a Colorado fire station now wants to thank the woman who gave her up.

Posted by FOX 12 Oregon on Friday, June 12, 2015

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