They Were Once Mistreated Horses, But Now… What A Lovely Sight To Watch!


January 23, 2016 Videos

Have you ever been to Oakland, OR? This is the place where The Duchess Sanctuary of 1120-acre land is found. The Fund for Animals together with the HSUS are responsible for running this sanctuary, which is a home for hundreds of horses that were rescued from abuse and neglect


In the clip below which was shot at the sanctuary, we see as the workers of The Fund for Animals preparing to change the 110 horses to other fields. It is so amazing to see these horses as they run down the hilly landscape towards the camera that is located at the new pastures. This sight made me shed tears of joy to see once abused horses run freely.

In real life, horses are very important and amazing creatures to watch, more so these ones in the video knowing very well their former conditions before the rescue. In this sanctuary, a bigger percentage of the horses are mares that were saved from the pregnant mare urine (PMU) industry. These mares were bred in stalls at the (PMU) industry for their urine and their foals. Some foals were forced to be like their mothers, while the rest were slaughtered for their meat and skin.

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