This Military Widow Wants To Inspire Other Families. Now See What She Shares With Them…


May 27, 2015 Videos

Grab a seat and be ready for a very powerful message which will surely leave you moved once you watch it.

Honoring our brave soldiers who have lost their lives fighting for our sake is something we love doing here on our platform. The stories of these soldiers are not well covered in the news and we do all we can to ensure we have shared all the details with you.

We normally hear of families that are honored after their loved ones have been killed and the stories stop there since we never know what happens after that. This clip originated from “The American Widow Project,” and is about one woman who lost her husband. The woman is called Megan and her late husband was Marine Cpl. Craig Ledsome and he died back in 2006.


The death left Megan and her son Caleb heartbroken since he meant a lot to them as a family. That was the case until Greg came along. Though people had to move on with her life and stop lamenting the death of her husband, they never supported her when she fell in love with Greg.

As it turned out to be, Greg never wanted to replace Megan’s husband but all he wanted was to help her in honoring the legacy of the fallen soldier.

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