Meet A Girl Who’s Too Mature For Her Age. What She Says Is So SHOCKING!


March 26, 2015 Videos

We can’t deny that our kids try to emulate what we do and say.

There are those times when we regret saying or doing things that we do not want our kids to emulate but end up following them. Unfortunately, this video presents such a heartbreaking example. It’s hard to prevent our kids following our own mannerisms since not all the time we realize we are about to do something wrong while near them.
This video was posted online by Eric Palonen and it features Josie, his daughter. The little girl tries to follow what those around her do. For instance, she has taught herself how to sound like an adult. Everything about her is so hilarious.


The little kid has always been attentive when her dad and mom are talking- more especially when there are saying “bad words.” Here, she uses the same words to scold Mimi, her grandma.

The young girl lectures adults until she tires off. She killed me when she said she had to go home and take some rest! Ever come across a kid that behaves like Josie?
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