This Marine Shows The Meaning Of True Sacrifice While In Services. This Made Me Cry!


July 19, 2015 Videos

Every marine has at one time shown some kind of heroics, but Kyle Carpenter has shown much more.In fact, his story deserves to go down in history.

At the age of 19, he was already a U.S marine. Unfortunately, he was a victim of a grenade attack on the 21st of November 2010- something that changed his life!

He never gave the situation a second thought and ended up throwing himself on the grenade. In the process, he sustained severe injuries in which he lost his right eye, damaged his right, face, teeth and jaw.


Though he was subject to all that, he ended up surviving. Since then, he has gone through a number of reconstructive and life-saving surgeries. Today, he is in a jovial spirits sharing his blessings and incredible stories.

He is now among the few that have been awarded United States’ Medal of Honor – a highest military honor. Although all soldiers deserve some credit for the kinds of sacrifices they make while serving their nation, Kyle’s story has that special sacrifice!

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