A Marine Expert Seeks Justice To Be With Her. Watch How They Reunite…


May 11, 2015 Videos

Casey and Ross Gundlach were long-life partners. Ross is a Marine sergeant and Casey a Labrador retriever. The two have an unbreakable bond. These two were inseparable!

They participated in different missions like sweeping in Afghanistan roads after the bombs and rescuing people. A time came for the two to part ways, this was during the end of their tour, but Gundlach promised that he must find her.

He was focused to have her back, and he started lobbying to adopt her. Ross moved to Lowa in 2013 and presented his case to the government –he wanted Casey back.

I could not hold the shock after seeing what happened to the two.


A big ceremony was held by Lowa Elks Association to reunite the two.On top of that, they donated $ 8500 to exchange Casey with another pet that was at the offices of the State Fire Marshall.

He never knew all that was planned. He was required to attend a military ceremony, but he never knew Casey was waiting for him.

When the two finally saw each other, Ross wept,and you could see the joy on Casey’s face. The reuniting of the two heroes is just an incredible clip to watch.

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