Many Discouraged The Couple From Having A Child… Watch How They Proved Them Wrong!


May 10, 2015 Videos

If it were not for the cruel bullies, the story of this couple would be different. They could have found love, started a family and lived a happy life just like any other family.

This story reminds me of Sherry Clair, who gave birth to a baby who turned out to have personal needs. Bullies discouraged her even further by telling her she could have opted for an abortion.

Doctors discovered that Simon Moore had Treacher Collins syndrome during birth. This shocked many, as this is a rare condition in the world. He is deaf, and his cheekbones are underdeveloped. Simon has however grown to be an ordinary man, and he is now married to Vicky. The two met in a sign language class.

When the two decided to have a baby, Vicky had to undergo IVF to be able to identify and destroy any embryos that had TC.


Scans from her pregnancy showed that their baby girl has TC. They were determined to give life to their childdespite the condition. Many did not agree with this decision as they saw as if Alice was coming on earth to suffer.

The couple saw the girl as their little angel despite the neighbors’ opinion.

Alice has to wear hearing aids. Her condition is not as Simon’s condition. Watch how people look at this poor girl.

Watch how this great family sees love in each other.
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