He Is A Lover Of “Old Music”. No One Believed It When He Opened His Mouth. WOW!


July 9, 2016 Videos

When you listen to Sal Valentinetti, you see someone who sounds like a typical New Yorker. If you have never known, the young guy is a native of Long Island. He has an Italian heritage, dark eyes and hair, thick and bigger build and a tough man whose accent is quintessential.

Full of confidence and braveness, Sal took the stage at America’s Got Talent and left everyone in disbelief. He was performing “My Way,” a song done by Frank Sinatra and he never made any mistakes. His incredible voice wooed everyone and it is a performance which could have made Sinatra happy.


He got a Golden Buzzer for his flawless performance and it is easy to understand why he was able to please all the judges. I believe no judge in the world could have resisted falling in love with his voice. We wish him the best in the future and in the competition.

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