She Lost Her Son In An Accident. When She Heard Her Name On The Radio? I’m In Tears!


July 3, 2015 Videos

There is nothing as painful as when a parent loses a child. It’s only parents who have been there who can understand the kind of pain I’m talking about!

One single mother lost her oldest child who meant everything to her after he had been involved in a tragic accident. When Crystal, the woman’s oldest daughter noticed the kind of grief, her mother was going through, and she decided to do something. She requested for help from one radio station known as KIIS 106.5′s. The radio station is based in Sydney, Australia.

Blaine, who was 19 years of age when he passed away was involved in a workplace accident. Since he assisted in paying for the family’s bills, Michelle is yet to come into terms with the roles awaiting for her. She’s yet to be mentally prepared going back to her place of work and pay the family’s bills.


The radio station positively respondent and was ready to pay for Michelle’s home mortgage for the next six months as well as fund the renovations, which had been started by Blaine by giving her some further $5,000. You have to watch this video to see the kind of surprise they have in place for Michelle.

The radio station featured this in their “Giveback” series and what they did can make anyone smile. Though the loss is irreplaceable, what they did is much appreciated!

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