She Lost Him In His First Swim. See Why…


June 24, 2015 Videos

Summer is here, and we’ll all be heading somewhere cool to dip ourselves in. A nice pool would do the trick, but you have to be careful.

Most parents understand the dangers of leaving a kid alone in a pool or its edge. The problem is, most parents don’t really know that the danger can persist even after the swimming session, and this mom got to know that in a very undesirable way.

Cassandra Johnson hails from South Carolina, and on this fateful occasion, she took her lovely kid to a nearby pool so he could have his very first swimming experience.They went, they did their thing, and they came home, but it wasn’t until when the child took a nap that the mom knew something was amiss.


At age 10, the boy died of “seconday” or “dry” drowning. This happens when a small child like him takes in too much water which then gets into the lungs, causingpneumonia.

But don’t worry, as this can be detected if the kid exhibits a persistent cough or breathing difficulties ahour or so after swimming.

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