When She Lost Her Beautiful House, She Couldn’t Handle It, And Then A Stranger Did This Too Her. Bless You!


September 4, 2015 Videos

She sold some property worth $12,000 to pay them and buy some time, but they still wanted to put her house up for sale. Tracy Orr had been unable to pay off her home mortgage after she lost her job, but she still felt she had to attend the auction, so she did.

Sitting next to her was a complete stranger, Marilyn Mock, who keptasking her if the house was worth it as the bids were offered. Tracy had taken out $80,000 in loan for the house.


In the end, something incredible happened. Marilyn took the house for $30,000, but what she did with it what will leave your heart with warmth.

As she narrated to CNN, Tracy had no idea what Marilyn was up, and she was both shocked and extremely joyful when the lady told her that she was buying the nice house for her. Incredible!

After all, we still have some good people around, and you’ll like that. Watch as her life gets an overhaul by a stranger. Comment and let’s know what you think about this. Please SHARE this incredibly lovely story with everyone you know.

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