She Lived With A Secret For Almost 7 Decades, Until They Finally Found Out. See What Happened!


October 23, 2015 Videos

She was a teenager when it happened. She became desperate and her family did want her to live miserably, so they came up with an idea.

TawanaJo Yadon was pregnant, but she was too young to be a mother, so her family advised her to give the kid up for adoption and stay mum about it forever. She did that, but the truth always comes out eventually, doesn’t it?


Fast-forward 65 good years later, and nice Tawana has her family, and a nice grandson too. Now, this grandson was particularly curious, and he ended up digging up the secret. His grandma has another son that no one had ever heard of. She never even spoke about him.

In this cool clip, you get to witness that moment of intense emotion when mother and son finally got to re-unite. It’s safe to say that this might get you teary, so keep some tissues nearby. Watch and SHARE with your good friends on Facebook. It’s a truly moving moment!

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