The Little Puppy Was Trapped Inside A Pipe, What They Did? Amazing!


May 29, 2015 Videos

This video was recorded within the city of Detroit and it features one Michigan Humane Society officer named Chris. It was reported that one helpless puppy was trapped in a drain pipe and Chris was dispatched to recue it. For the whole night, the terrified pup had been separated from him mother and was crying.

Despite the animal’s cries and whimpers being so heartbreaking, the team knew what it had to do to save the situation.

Diggers, plumbers and humane officers joined hands to rescue the puppy. Every moment got tenser as the rescue mission went on in front of TV news reporters whose cameras recorded every step.


Finally, they were able to rescue the trapped dog. It was such a miracle that it had not chocked due to the low amounts of oxygen that exist within the pipe.

You can understand why one newswoman called the puppy a little fighter once you watch the clip. It always amazing whenever we see incredible heroes doing their best to give helpless animals another chance to live.

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