Little Pup Gets Vocal When Mom Does This To Him… Adorable!


January 2, 2017 Videos

If you know anything about the husky puppies, you’ll agree that this breed of these cute canines is a vocal community. A huskie will want to get verbal when something happens to them, and this video here has all the proof!


In the clip, you see this little huskie and his human mom. Now, this lady loves Ramsey so much that she likes to pick him up and make him happy. Ramsey the husky seems to have a knack for being picked up, especially by mom, and he can’t wait to literally “sound off” his appreciation for the kind act. Wait for this!

As soon as mom picks him up, Ramsey starts “talking.” He ends up making some hilarious noises that’ll leave you something to crack up about an extra bunch of love for this cute pup. I love this already!

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