Little Girl Turns The Audience Crazy When She Opens Her Mouth… Amazing!


July 10, 2015 Videos


To my point of view,Solomia Lukyanets, a little kid, has no nerves which can make her fear, since she was onstage in front of a big audience to prove the point.. This happened at the Germany’s version of “The Voice” where she quickly commenced to sing to her best when the music started, after taking a deep breath.
In no time, all the onlookers went crazy as she began to perform “Time to Say Goodbye,” a well-known song by Andrea Bocelli. Meanwhile she was singing, Lena Meyer-Landru, a famous European pop star, could not help shedding tears because of strong emotions that caught her. You too will understand why she fell into tears when Solomia reaches the high note.
The professionalism that this little singer showed when performing the powerful song is wonderful without doubt. Apart from the ability of handling the physical demands of such an intense song, she is capable too of conveying the sentiment level needed for sending the message and the significance behind this song.
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