This Little Girl Is On A Mission To Make You Feel Patriotic, And You Can’t Resist It!


July 7, 2015 Videos

Of all the good songs that have given me some goosebumps, “The Star Spangled Banner” gave me the largest.

This song is the official American National Anthem, and it’s composed of some really well-chosen words that can melt even the heart of the hardest criminal. It makes you feel privileged to be an American, and that’s what people felt when this young lady performed the song during a soccer game duringthe “Stadium of Fire” celebrationson Independence at the Brigham Young University.


The 11-year-old’s stunning performancequickly went viral and has since touched many hearts. Lexi Walker is now a celebrity!

With a backup of about 100 adults, the young lady was able to pull this off before a great audience spanning thousands, among them the brave ladies and gentlemen servicing in the US military. But wait until the fireworks are shot. It’s just incredible!

Check out the video and give yourself a chance to watch this awesome performance. By the time it’s over, you’ll be clicking buttons and SHARING the clip with everyone on your good Facebook friend list, because you’ll love it!

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