How This Little Boy Reacts To The Standing Ovation Is Out Of This World!

At his young age, Robbie Firmin has confidence beyond most people and as he steps up to take the stage in Britain’s Got Talent audition it’s a breathtaking moment to the audience and to the judges. The young man looks stunning in his hat, suit and tie.


As he takes on the mic he composes himself and amazingly cracks a joke about his aunt wanting a boyfriend and even asking one of the judges to be the boyfriend. The witty young man then signals for the cue.

After a steaming hot performance in singing “My Way”, Robbie receives a standing ovation from his newly acquired fans, together with a forward nod from the judges.


As one of the judges puts it, He is simply a star, by just the way he takes the song, commands it and even controls the audience by his gestures.

His family is almost moved to joyful tears as he proceeds and is jumping happily and hugging his mom and the team at the backstage.

Most artists would have been inspired by the little boy’s performance and best of all be proud of the young growing talent.

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